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Programming Languages: A computer program is a set of instructions that are given to a computer for execution and it was first introduced in 1883. Programming language is the backbone of all our software. In the digital world, there are tons of different programming languages making up the code that powers much of our technology. All of these languages are unique and operate differently from one another.

Now comes to question: What are some of the top programming languages that are most in demand for 2023? or What languages are in demand to you have been in the tech industry? and also to know a better understanding of what trends are coming up in 2023.

1. Python

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

Python is used among many different roles from data scientists, to web developers, and QA. Python touches a lot of roles and is used for many different things I really think that is one of the reasons why python continues to dominate on a lot of these lists. Another reason is because the entry to learning python is pretty straightforward. Python is mainly developed for emphasis on code readability and also its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code. So why should you learn python? Well all the tech companies big and small typically use python to varying degrees, another reason is if you are first starting out in coding journey python is one of the better languages because of its readability.

2. Java

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

Java is a widely used object-oriented programming language and software platform that runs millions of devices like gaming consoles, medical devices, and many more. There is also an interesting fact about java its initial name was actually Oak it was later changed to java because at the time there was already a programming language named Oak.


3. JavaScript

JavaScript not only use it on front end but you can also use it on back end side of things. The original name for javaScript is Mocha. It was developed in 1995. It was first developed between java and javaScript but they both are completely different.

4. Swift

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

Swift has continued to gain popularity as IOS becomes more and more popular as people want more apps, and games. It is a programming language that ensures you have a long really stable career as apps and IOS development is not going anywhere. If you look at the numbers, it is continuing to increase in demand.

5. C++

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

C++ is a classical language and it’s not going anywhere. C++ is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop operating systems, browsers, games etc. It is an extended version of C language. The execution speed of C++ is very fast and also get rich library support. It is complex language but useful to understand difficult topics. If you know C language before then this language becomes easy to understand.

6. SQL

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

SOL means structured query language that communicates with databases. Database that stores your data. If you pull, edit, add information to a database, you can use the language of SQL to do that. SQL is used to store, retrieve and manipulate data. SQL language generally works on relational (data stored in the form of tables) databases.


1. Use to build websites/projects.
2. Use in some software engineering profiles.
3. Use in database administrators, QA testers, big data engineers, and many more.

7. Rust

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

Rust is memory is a safe compiled programming that delivers high-level language simplicity with low-level performance. It is a popular choice for building where performance is absolutely critical like game engines, databases or operating systems, and an excellent choice with targeting web assembly. This is a loved programming language every year since 2016. Rust has no garbage collector but archives memory safety with a concept known as ownership and borrowing.

8. TypeScript

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

TypeScript is a fairly new programming language. It was released in 2012. It is already an enhanced version of javascript and a nice thing about typescript is that it is actually completely pretty much interchangeable with javascript infect any typescript you write can be translated into native javascript code. You can any javascript code inside typescript and you can use all the typescript as well. For this flexibility feature, people are using typescript. Typescript really shines in large-scale projects and enterprise-level applications.

9. Kotlin

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

Kotlin is statically typed language that becomes extremely popular in the last few years. Kotlin can be used in the user’s device (client) and in the server which response to the request from the client. On client, Kotlin is widely used to interact with android development to make apps for 2.6 billion devices running the android operating system.


10. GO programming

Top 10 Programming Languages 2023

Go is the efficient language which is developed by google and have very straight code. This language is fast and powerful than other languages. It is going to become highest pay language in upcoming years.

Final Words

These are the top programming languages for 2023. Now just because these are the top programming languages for 2023 doesn’t mean that there are not tons more out there that are in demand. The whole purpose of this list is based on the research I have done to inspire and inform you of what is coming up for 2023.

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