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Women finds perfect mate in AI generated husband: Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old New York woman. Lady Rosanna Ramos married her AI boyfriend. So, now it going to be her AI husband. It all being run from replica where you can create like a virtual best friend. She paid $300 for the premium package where you can turn the AI friend into an AI partner. And it is working she loves it because this lady is marrying her AI-generated partner. Lady Rosanna Ramos already had two children. So, she had a real relationship with a real man before even having children with him but she still prefers the AI dude. It’s name is ‘Eren Kartal’. She based in you know personalized around ‘Eren Kartal’ because she is the one that pretty much created him to be the way she wanted him to be so she could then marry him. It is very weird.

She is the first one to marry a computer program because ‘Eren Kartal’ was a computer program and if you get upset or get into an argument with this AI, you can just press the power button. AI’s husband would treat her the way she wanted. So, it makes sense that she would fall in love. You know replica is just taking advantage of human emotions and human relationships. and exploiting them for money. I hope they were going to have a beautiful house in the metaverse. She can put on the VR headset and see her avatar.

Women finds perfect mate in AI generated husband


This story got me thinking about all the weird things that human beings have married and been in relationships with. The weird ones I found were one who married his car and a lady who married a pirate ghost and there are people who marry their dogs and people who have married themselves. Humans have done weird stuff like this for quite a while, as they want someone to love them or something to love them. and they find them in a very odd place. Some things that you should be fun off and not try at all. We are giving part of our emotional lives to the machines and we are willing to give more and more and they are getting smarter and more profitable.

Women finds perfect mate in AI generated husband

Why She Married An AI Chatbot?

  1. Chasing perfection: We are constantly bombarded with social media because people show only the best versions of themselves or movies something like the end of the World or adventure and then people get together and then the movie ends. They never show us what requires to make a relationship work.
  2. Losing Feelings: We chase feelings. In a relationship, you cannot control the other person. You cannot puppeteer the other person unless you are Rosanna Ramos and because of that, I tell you the advantage of not controlling the other person its excitement and spontaneity. Because when you control other people they follow your script and you are closing the door of feelings because they can’t think for themselves and eventually, that relationship is going to fall apart.
  3. Our Criteria: This one is about good-looking, successful. People display the characteristics they need to reach or reach a level where you find them attractive.
  4. Masculinity: We cannot replace a man by just using a robot mate or machine. You need a man that’s why god created.
  5. Avoiding arguments: Arguments according to the best therapists and psychologists, are necessary for relationships. If everything is going fine, how can you test other people? So, arguments are good. They reveal what in the dark corners and crevices of one’s heart. And arguments are a good insight into other people.

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