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Best Niacinamide Serums

Niacinamide Serums: Niacinamide is also known Vitamin B3. I think this is the best ingredient suitable for all skin types. Experts say Niacinamide is particularly good for your routine in dry weather(mainly in winter). It is so helpful for dry skin and one of the ways it affects our skin is it increases Ceramides in our skin which are the building blocks of our skin. Ceramides hold the hydration of our skin and it is over-concerned when in winter when the air is cold, and low humidity, so, we can pre-treat with Niacinamide particularly prone to dryness.

Benefits of Niacinamide

  • It removes dark spots.
  • It cures acne-prone skin.
  • It is helpful in hyperpigmentation.
  • It is good in poor clarity and has anti-aging benefits.
  • It brightens up your skin and improves your skin tone.
  • It moisturizes or hydrates your skin very well.

How To Pick The Best Niacinamide Serum?

Today Niacinamide is widely used in most skincare products. People think that if we use an ingredient in a high percentage is it gonna be better, but it is not. It is about the formulation and strength of the ingredients that are suitable for your skin. Most of the clinical studies have been done with the percentages 3% and 5% Niacinamide and I have noticed people come and tell me that they have used 10% Niacinamide and their skin got irritated because most of the clinical studies have been done with 3% and 5% Niacinamide and these percentages are safer. So, 10 percent works for me if it works for you then it is great.

If you start with Niacinamide it recommends from 3% to 5%. Niacinamide is best to use 2-3 times a week. 2-3 drops on your skin are a good amount that can be used in the morning and evening.

Best Niacinamide Serum Reviews

1. Plum 10% Niacinamide Face Serum

My review: I highly recommend that you use this serum once a day during the night. You need only three maximum drops of this serum and that will cover your entire face and neck. First, you should cleanse your skin the if you apply a toner you can do so, and then use this serum the top everything off with the moisturizer and if you are using it day time sunscreen is necessary. I love the consistency of this serum as it does look thicker side. It is so lightweight and feels amazing.


Especially if you have dry skin you gonna love this serum because of this formula. Along with that I also feel that the combination of Niacinamide and rice water is very unique. It can heal and protect your skin. It gives a beautiful glow to your skin and it also makes skin super smooth. If you have dry skin then It gets absorbed into the skin beautifully in seconds but if you have oily skin it can take some time. It is also suitable for oily skin as they have mentioned that they are meant for all skin types. You have to wait 4 weeks to see some results.

Plum 10% Niacinamide Face Serum

  • It strengthens skin barrier function.
  • Minimizes the appearance of open pores.
  • Quick absorbing, non-greasy formula.
  • No fragrance and no essential oils.
  • Targets spots, soothes acne, and regulates sebum production…


  1. It improves your skin tone.
  2. It targets spots, soothes acne, and regulates sebum production.
  3. It has no fragrance and no essential oils.
  4. It reduces hyperpigmentation and blemishes.
  5. It minimizes the appearance of open pores.


  1. It has a thick consistency.

2. Suganda 10% Niacinamide Serum

There is no added fragrance in this serum. The two good ingredients found in this serum are Niacinamide and Centella Asiatica Extract, Also it does contain Propylene Glycol which is a humectant and if you do not use a moisturizer on top of this product it will make your skin drier. This product also contains Sodium Hyaluronate which is also hyaluronic acid and is also a humectant. So, definitely start using this serum with your non-acne-prone area then see how your skin feels or reacts.

Suganda 10% Niacinamide Serum

  • It hydrates, soothens the skin.
  • Lightweight formula.
  • improves your skin tone
  • No added fragrance.
  • minimizes open pores…


  1. No added fragrance.
  2. It lightweight and fast-absorbing serum.
  3. It balances fatty acids level on your skin.
  4. It improves your skin tone and works on skin lines and acne.
  5. It minimizes the appearance of open pores.

3. Deconstruct Clearing Serum

This serum contains 2% Alpha Arbutin + 5% Niacinamide which is a good quantity. This serum makes the skin tighter and improves skin barrier health. It controls the oil production of your skin. Overall this product is beautiful for your pores. If larger visible pores are your problem and if compromising the skin barrier is your problem you should try this one. This serum is a very beginner-strength serum. If I talk about acne or pimples, this serum will not overnight cure your pimples or acne or get rid of blackheads. I feel like this is so gentle that it is perfect for a beginner. This serum will take time to show results. I have used this serum for a very long time I get results from this when I use this consistently. It can be used every single day. I prefer to use it in the morning. I used a moisturizer with this serum.

Deconstruct Clearing Serum

  • It reduces pigmentation.
  • No fragrance.
  • It evens skin tone.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • It is cruelty-free and has no SLS/paraben.


  1. It is fragrance-free.
  2. It is cruelty-free and has no SLS/paraben.
  3. It works on pigmentation and dark spots.
  4. It evens skin tone.
  5. Perfect for beginners.

4. Re’equil Pore Refining 5% Niacinamide Serum

This serum is specially made to refine the open pores of your skin. Its cleans up and tightens your skin pores. It specially formulated for open pores. This serum contains 5% niacinamide so definitely for those who are not comfortable with 10% niacinamide then Re’equil serum will suit you. This serum is dermatologically tested. Skin feels smooth after applying this serum. The consistency of this serum is very lightweight and quickly absorb. It balances the sebum production of your skin. You can apply this serum on a daily basis.

Re’equil Pore Refining 5% Niacinamide Serum

  • It smoothens the skin.
  • lightweight consistency.
  • Restores the skin’s elasticity.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Tightens and minimizes enlarged pores…


  1. No fragrance.
  2. It has lightweight consistency.
  3. It will tighten and minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores
  4. It restores the skin’s elasticity and radiance.
  5. It is dermatologically tested.

5. ONE THING Niacinamide 10%

If you are someone who loves using products very simple and based on 2-3 ingredients then you will definitely like this serum. This is a Korean brand and has very simple packaging. The key ingredient is obviously niacinamide. This serum works amazingly on your skin barrier. It controls excess sebum production on the surface of your skin. It will not gonna irritate your skin. It helps me with hyperpigmentation and loss of skincare. It reduces acne a little bit. The serum has a comfortable texture which absorbs quickly. I had used this serum in the evening only. I use this serum at least 3 times a week. It improves my skin balance totally. I really like this serum.

ONE THING Niacinamide 10%

  • Helps control excess sebum.
  • Improves enlarged pores.
  • Helps in reducing acne or pimple.
  • contains anti-aging properties…


  1. It controls sebum production in your skin.
  2. It has a very lightweight and watery texture.
  3. It is a vegan and cruelty-free product.
  4. It helps in reducing acne or pimple.
  5. It contains anti-aging properties.


  1. It is very costly.

6. TONYMOLY Inkey Library Niacinamide

This serum is lightweight water-based serum and absorbs quickly. It is all skin types and can apply any moisturizer to it. If you have an anti-aging problem, acne problem, or pigmentation it will definitely gonna work. It soothes your skin but I did not get better results on my open pores. It will start showing results in a week. It will control fine lines or wrinkles. It also fades out the spots on my face. This serum contains collagen ampoule which improves your skin’s smoothness and tightness.

TONYMOLY Inkey Library Niacinamide

  • Keep your skin hydrated.
  • Cures dehydrated or dull skin.
  • Brightens your skin well.
  • Contains anti-aging properties.
  • Made up of natural oil and rose seeds…



  1. It cures dehydrated or dull skin.
  2.  It has collagen ampoule which improves skin health.
  3. It also has Hyaluronic Acid which keeps your skin hydrated.
  4. It has Rosehip Oil which brightens your skin well.
  5. It contains anti-aging properties.

7. Aqualogica Radiance+ Concentrate Face Serum

This serum has a very lightweight non-sticky formula. It feels very gentle on the skin. when you apply it on your face and with regular use helps to fade acne marks and dark spots while minimizing and tightening the pores. It makes my skin bright and radiant. It is fragrance-free and super safe on your skin. You have to use a good moisturizer with this serum. It does not fade out my dark spots which is the negative point of this serum. It moisturizes my skin but my skin feels rough after using this serum.

Aqualogica Radiance+ Concentrate Face Serum

  • Reduces acne marks and dark spots.
  • Lightweight and quickly absorb.
  • Keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Improves uneven skin tone.
  • No fragrance.
  • Suitable for all skin types.



  1. It s very lightweight and quickly absorb.
  2. It makes skin brighten and tighten.
  3. It keeps your skin hydrated.
  4. It is fragrance-free and dermatologically tested.
  5. It is suitable for all skin types.
  6. It improves uneven skin tone.


  1. It does not work on my acne or dark spots.

8. Vya Naturals Niacinamide Serum

This brand claims that it strengthens the skin barrier with niacinamide, Aloe Vera, Rosemary Leaf Extract, and Sodium Hyaluronate. It is a heavily water-based serum so you need a good moisturizer with it. We can use this day and night. The niacinamide percentage of this serum is not clear it can be 4 or 5%. This serum helps in moisturizing our skin. The ingredient list is quite good. I will continue using this serum because this is decent.


Vya Naturals Niacinamide Serum

  • Improves enlarged pores
  • Has anti-aging properties.
  • Improve the skin’s barrier.
  • keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Protect your skin from free radicals.
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory and healing agent


  1. It improves enlarged pores and uneven skin tone
  2. It has anti-aging properties.
  3. It has the ability to improve the skin’s barrier.
  4. It will protect your skin from free radicals.
  5. Aloe Vera Extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and healing agent.
  6. It keeps your skin hydrated.

9. Beplain Multi Vitamin Ampoule

Beplain Multi Vitamin Ampoule
Beplain Multi Vitamin Ampoule

My review: This is a newly formulated water-based Niacinamide serum. I am using it for the past 2-3 months. The main benefit of Niacinamide is to improve your skin texture and boost up natural barrier of the skin. It helps me to reduce tiny bumps that had appeared on my forehead. It minimizes the pimple on my face. It improves the glow of my skin. It beautifully applies to your skin. It has a very good consistency that absorbs quickly. It also reduces the blackheads on my skin a little bit. It will not remove any type of pimple marks, I think it is not good for acne or pimple marks.


  1. It regulates sebum.
  2. It minimizes the open pores.
  3. It is fragrance-free.
  4. It enhances skin elasticity and even out complexion.
  5. It brightens and improves skin texture.
  6. It reduces the appearance of dark spots.
  7. It is free from phthalates, SLS/ SLES, mineral oil, and colorants


  1. Not works on acne or pimple marks.

Beplain Multi-Vitamin & Niacinamide Serum

  • It regulates sebum.
  • It minimizes the open pores.
  • It is fragrance-free.
  • It enhances skin elasticity and even your complexion.
  • It brightens and improves skin texture…

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