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How to Start Anti Ageing Skincare Routine: Hello everyone, Today I will share some detailed research and tested skincare routine for anti ageing purposes. I do follow these routines but not all the time. I will tell you the substitute for the retinol. The retinol product that we get over the counter is usually not as effective and doesn’t give us the results we want. So, What we can use instead of retinol? and What can be a good and strong anti ageing skin care routine? I am going a tell you everything that you need to know about all of the substitutes and also a very strong skincare routine that you guys can follow. Now, this routine is something that you can start with.

Anti Ageing Skincare Routine

Exfoliants For Anti Ageing Skincare Routine

We should know about the function of the retinol. What does the functions of retinol? and then we need to see which ingredient performs the same function so that we get the same result. So the first thing that retinol does is that it accelerates skin renewal. So, if you need something like retinol which would help to shed off all the dead skin and which would also bring in the new skin cells faster. The next thing the retinol does is best function anti aging. Retinol increases your collagen synthesis. So we need skincare products which would increase the synthesis of this collagen so that we get the suppleness and structure to our skin.

The second thing that would help you to accelerate your skin renewal is chemical exfoliants and when I say chemical exfoliants in this case I mean glycolic acid, lactic acid, and mandelic acid are great to accelerate your skin renewal because they do the exact same thing. They remove the first layer, the dead skin layer, and expose the new skin cells. You can start with low concentration and you can start slowly including glycolic acid today, your next interruption may be in the next week you don’t have to start using it every day or even every alternate day.

So, Glycolic acid is a great ingredient for skin renewal apart from that now you if you are not comfortable with glycolic acid or simply does not suit your skin you can always look at lactic acid which is one of the best ingredients out there for chemical exfoliation because unlike glycolic acid it does not dry out your skin that like you have benefits. Glycolic acid is more efficient than lactic acid so, if you are using lactic acid you will get the results slower than glycolic acid.


The best ingredient that you can add according to me is Vitamin C. So, like chemical exfoliators you do not need to have to use 20% vitamin C, Go slow Start with a low percentage then if you want you can increase the percentage. It is such a good ingredient for anti ageing. It will help with collagen synthesis, it will also help with hyperpigmentation.

The next thing is your Sunscreen, The sun rays destroy all the collagen that we already have in our skin. So if you have something that protects you against the sunrays. Automatically you don’t need more collagen. So, Vitamin C + Sunscreen is a very good combination for the skin.

The next that is quite ignored when it comes to anti ageing and that Multi-peptide Serum. Peptides are quite new in other skincare industries. Studies prove that they definitely help in collagen synthesis. So if you are interested then you can start with a minimum of multi-peptide serum. Some people got excellent results from that. It also helps with your wrinkles. So I will say definitely add multi-peptide serum to my skincare routine.

Anti Ageing Skincare Routine

Let’s discuss how you can incorporate it into your routine, especially in your anti ageing routine.


Morning Routine For Anti Ageing

The first thing in the morning that I would like you guys to add Vitamin C and sunscreen. Now Vitamin C works great when it is used with Vitamin E and ferulic acid. So, if you can get a formulation which has Vitamin E and Vitamin C and ferulic acid and it’s stable then you can definitely include this. It will give you the best results. You apply your Vitamin C serum then you apply sunscreen on top of that and this will help to prevent and this will always help to treat while the prevention is happening so you get double benefits and it works great.

Anti Ageing Skincare Routine

Night Routine for Anti Ageing

At night you can do is you can add multi-peptides serum. If you are looking for anti ageing or you are looking for something that works on dark spots then I would recommend any of the ingredients like tranexamic acid, tyrostat, Alpha arbutin or even niacinamide if you case is not very stubborn then I would recommend you to use good exfoliating peel. It would give you such good results. Instantly you can see that your skin becomes glowy. If you use the exfoliators right they can give you a glow.

If you are not interested in high-concentration peels definitely your choice you can do is then reduce the concentration like there are so many glycolic acid products out their with 5%/10% glycolic acid. If you can use the glycolic acid once in 15 days or even once in a month and it will give you similar results. Obviously;y the process will be slower but it will help you.

Products Recommendations:

So, I am talking about some products that actually help in the prevention of ageing signs on your skin or even reversal of ageing on your skin. The main ingredient in an anti ageing skincare routine is retinol or retinoid-based products which is actually a very powerful ingredient which helps in skin regeneration and cell turnover to give you nice smooth skin or brighter skin from within it actually works on you wrinkles, it works on fine lines, pigmentations scares etc. If you are in your late 20s then definitely you have to start because of your lifestyle is such that you know we are constantly exposed to so much stress, pollution, sun rays and all of that contributes to the premature science of ageing sometimes. So, it is always good to start early in the mid-20s so that you can prevent the sign of ageing.


Derma Co 2% Granactive Retinoid Face Serum Review

The product I am discussing about “Derma Co 2% Granactive Retinoid Face Serum” and this has been formulated by dermatologists. This brand in particular has mentioned 2% granactive retinol in it. 2% I think is good enough for a beginner to begin with. This serum has 2 main ingredients first one is granactive retinol and another is Vitamin A. When you read about these active ingredients you find that they are derived from either fruits or vegetables. You don’t really have to be scared of using active ingredients on your face. Also have glycerin which helps in like sort of keeping your skin hydrated enough because sometimes retinol used to as a powerful ingredient So, you have to enough moisture in your skin so that your skin does not end up becoming dry or something. If you have sensitive skin then it can cause redness. flaking or peeling. This serum does not cause any effect on my skin.

Anti Ageing Skincare Routine

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