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Plum Vitamin C Serum Review: Hello everyone today I will review “Plum Vitamin C Serum”. Plum is a 100% cruelty-free brand, it is also vegan. Vitamin C serum is safe for all skin types that is a big thing because with lots of active they can cause really bad breakouts, puffiness, hyperpigmentation, and many more, and for highly sensitive skin types as well. But with Vitamin C serum you would not experience all of that. The maximum you will get is a little bit of purging, tiny bumps, or probably acne that with you for 2-3 weeks but apart from that, it is very very safe for all skin types.

It helps to reduce redness, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots and also helps to increase collagen production. It helps to protect your skin from sunburn and all of that. Also, it helps to reduce dark circles. So, I do apply Vitamin C around my eyes as well. I do have really deep dark circles or if I don’t take care of it for a couple of days they come back.

This serum does not have a lot of side effects but it will help to reduce a lot of skin problems. It is one of the best that you can apply on your skin provided that you apply in right form or product. You should have a proper skin care routine. You can’t apply Vitamin C one day and not apply for 5 days then apply for 2 days then Vitamin C does not work. You have to be consistent and you have to do it every single day for at least 3 months to see the results.

Plum Vitamin C Serum Claims

  • It gives you smooth radiant plum skin.
  • Clean off sun damage.
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation – post-acne marks, dark spots.
  • It helps in Melasma
  • It has an anti-aging property – Collagen synthesis.
  • It helps in reducing dullness.
  • It is Mineral Oil-Free, SLS Free, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, etc.
Plum Vitamin C Serum

Plum Vitamin C Serum

Plum Vitamin C Serum

Plum Vitamin C Serum Packaging & Availability

Packaging: It comes in an amber bottle with a pipette. Now the amber bottle is chosen in order for serum to avoid getting oxidized and remain potent and effective. Also amber bottles bocks 99% of UV rays. This serum comes in a frosted amber bottle. Packaging-wise, it is quite good.

Availability: So the prize of Rs. 550 for 20 ml and Rs 790 for 30 ml. It is easily available on many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


Plum 15% Vitamin C Face Serum

  • Contains 15% Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.
  • It enhances skin glow.
  • Clean off sun damage.
  • Anti-aging property.
  • Helps in reducing dullness.
  • Betaine for hydration and Rose Extracts for soothing skin.
  • Paraben-free, SLS-free, and vegan.
  • No artificial colors, fragrances, or essential oils were added.

Plum Vitamin C Serum Texture

It is quite an opaque serum and the texture is like water-based serum and does not have an oily feel. It gets absorbed in your skin quickly and it requires a little bit of patting or a little bit of rubbing on your skin to get absorbed

Plum Vitamin C Serum

Plum Vitamin C Serum Ingredients

  • Solvent: Water, Propanediol, Ethoxydiglycol, Benzyl Alcohol
  • Emollient: Isodecyl Neopentanoate, Caprylyl Glycol, Trilaureth-4 Phosphate
  • Moisturizer/humectant: Propanediol, Betaine, Ethoxydiglycol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Gluconate
  • Skin brightening: Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Terminalia ferdinandiana Fruit Extract
  • Viscosity controlling: Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Xanthan Gum
  • Deodorant: Caprylyl Glycol
  • Chelating: Sodium Citrate, Sodium Gluconate
  • Buffering: Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid
  • Antioxidant: Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Terminalia ferdinandiana Fruit Extract, Hydroxyacetophenone
  • Absorbent/Surfactant/cleansing: Trilaureth-4 Phosphate
  • Emulsion stabilising: Sodium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Xanthan Gum
  • Perfuming: Ethoxydiglycol, Benzyl Alcohol
  • Preservative: Benzyl Alcohol
  • Citrus Reticulata Peel Extract, Rosa Damascena Extract
Plum Vitamin C Serum

How to use It?

Use your Vitamin C in the morning to get the best result but do not forget to top it off with the sunscreen. As I said before, it can break down when it comes with UV rays, So, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen over this serum. You can also use this V itamin C at night if you want, it will give you similar benefits but in the morning I feel vitamin C gives you better results because it can fight against all the free radicals that are formed at that period of time.


My Experience:

I have been using this for approximately 3 weeks now. Initially, I did a patch test because patch testing is very important, If you get a new product then make sure you patch test. After the patch test, I use it only in the morning, and then I use sunscreen over it. Now I am using it morning and at night.

For the dry skin type make sure that you top it off with a good moisturizer because It is a hydrator-based serum. If you don’t over with the good moisturizer it can dry out your skin.

Plum Vitamin C Serum

The first thing I noticed in this serum is a reduction in my dark spots as you have seen at the beginning, definitely works on my dark spots. It also helps me with dullness a little bit. Now when it comes to collagen synthesis you have to use this serum for a long period of time to actually get anti-aging benefits and three weeks is not a long period of time, you have to use it for months. Now, this has ethyl ascorbic acid and not the pure form. So, the brand has to work with the derivatives like ascorbic acid, and out of all the derivatives ethyl ascorbic acid is the newest one.


When you apply the derivative to your skin it needs to get absorbed into your skin and once it gets absorbed in your skin it needs to get converted into ascorbic acid and only if the derivative converts into ascorbic acid after entering will it give you the effects of reduction of hyperpigmentation, increase collagen synthesis and all of the benefits. Now according to the manufacturer 86% is what they have seen in their study on rats So, so the study is not done on humans and also the study is not done by a biased third party, it was done by the manufacturer. So, keep in your mind about ethyl ascorbic acid.

The best part of this serum is that it’s fragrance-free and dry-free. So, for all of the people who are either sensitive to fragrance or choose not to use fragrance, is definitely a good option for you guys. I liked the fragrance serums. If I go through with all the ingredients, it looks very good serum.

Who Can Use It?

In terms of texture, this serum is suitable for all skin types. It is easily absorbed by the skin, and if you apply a high-quality moisturizer on top, even dry skin can benefit from using it.

When it comes to active I feel that sensitive skin types can avoid using 15 percent of ethyl ascorbic acid and start with 10 percent from Deconstruct as it is more gentle on the skin and best suitable for beginners.
If that is not the case and you have already used Vitamin C in the past and your skin is nicely tempered with Vitamin C then you can definitely use the 15 percent of ethyl ascorbic acid.


Plum Vitamin C Serum Pros and Cons


  • It is fragrance-free.
  • It reduces dark spots, dullness, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation.
  • It absorbs quickly into your skin.
  • It helps in Melasma.
  • It has 15% of active vitamin C.
  • It is vegan and cruelty-free.
  • It contains exfoliants and antioxidants.


  • Works slowly.


Does Plum Vitamin C Serum is helpful in dark spots?

Yes, It works on my dark spots.

Does Plum Vitamin C Serum help in Dullness?

It also helps in dullness a little bit. But if you use this serum regularly then it will definitely remove your dullness.


Does Plum Vitamin C Serum help in hyperpigmentation?

Somehow yes.

Does Plum Vitamin C Serum Chemical-free?


Plum Vitamin C Serum

Final Words

So after 100+ ratings and reviews, I conclude that my skin do feel like much more plump and radiating and the glow was real. I literally saw the glow from the week of usage. When it comes to the dark spots reduction, On my face it’s not easy to fade dark marks. I do feel like if I use this serum even for a longer time, this will fade my dark spots a little bit better because you need to keep using the product. My skin texture was much more improved, I saw an even tone in my skin. This product did not break me out. I will also recommend this serum to many!. that’s it.


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