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Model NamePixel 7a
Display Size6.1 inch Size
Operating SystemAndroid 13.0
Network Type5G
Internal Storage128 GB
Battery capacity4300mAh
Primary Camera64MP
Secondary Camera13MP
Bluetoothv5.3 version
Warranty1 year

Display & Design

This is a compact smartphone with having 6.1-inch screen and the screen quality is decent. Overall it is actually pretty. This time google went with 90 hertz. The fluidity is a lot better than the 60 hertz that was found on pixel 6a. In terms of screen quality, I don’t have a problem. In terms of in-hand feel, I like it because you can use it easily with one hand.

The outer body of this phone is made of aluminum which looks as solid as a rock. Its back is plastic but I like it because if you touch it, it feels like glass. This makes this phone more durable. Overall I would say the build quality is very good.


Google Pixel 7A 5G

  • Have 128 GB Storage & 8 GB RAM.
  • Good Android Software experience.
  • The camera quality is very good.
  • Supports wireless fast charging.
  • ‎Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB facility.
  • Color: Snow

User Interface

You will get very clear or fast and no shutters that I noticed in this phone. The RAM management was done very well. The app works brilliantly on this smartphone. You will get a clean sort of experience.

Camera Test

The main camera is about 64 megapixels, also you have ultra-wide. The outdoor shots that come with smartphones are very good. The strength of the pixel that is HDR is very evident in the shadow. Overall, I would say the camera performance is good. I like the video quality with front-facing camera more than the rare-facing camera.

Photos are clicking well as I expected from the pixel, colors are vibrant and true life. In low light condition pixel 7a automatically apply its nightside processing to its photos. the details of the photos are very good and the colors are expressive. The pixel 7a can record video with the main cam up to 4k resolution at 60fps. The stabilization is available in all modes on all cameras.

The ultrawide camera doesn’t disappoint. Its images are excellent sharpness and details for the class with color and contrast that remain consistent with the main camera. The ultrawide results in the darker solid too with the nightside processing kicking in. You get very good details and excellent colors. The ultrawide can record video in up to 4k resolution at 30fps.


Google Pixel 7A Review

The selfie camera with 13 megapixels results are also good. The front-facing cam color and skin tones looks great. and the dynamic range is nice and wide. The overall sharpness leaves a bit more desired.

Google Pixel 7A Review


Battery Life

The smartphone packs a 4385mAh battery and supports 18V charging. It also comes with wireless 7.5W charging. I have noticed battery life in two aspects of this smartphone. If you are mostly on wifi the battery life is decent, you can easily get about five and six hours of sot over a full day of usage. But if you are using it mostly on mobile data then this can significantly drop to ours and 5 hours of sot.

Stereo Speakers

For audio, there is a pair of stereo speakers. They have good loudness and the sound is better.


You only get one option for storage on the pixel 7a 128 gigs and thus not expandable through micro SD. That’s one way in which it falls behind regular pixel 7 which has an option for 256 gigs.

Google Pixel 7A Review

Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner is super reliable on the smartphone. It takes a quarter of the second because of the security. It has a G2 chip which is a lot more secure than any other smartphone. So, there are no issues with the fingerprint.

Network Connectivity

I had put Airtel sim on this smartphone but it is not showing the full strength of signals. I also took voice call over mobile network and even in low signal because of the AI that it does while you are taking calls. The calls are actually very crystal clear. This thing is not with many of the Android smartphones that I have used. And even if you take calls by speakerphone you don’t have any issue.


Overall Performance & Software

You will get Tensor G2 processor, 8 GB LPDDR RAM, and 128 GB UFS 3.1 Storage. It comes with Android 13. Google’s phones will get 5 years of security updates.

Google Pixel 7A Review


Google Pixel 7a Vs Google Pixel 7

If you are looking for a pixel device then I feel regular Pixel 7a is a better upgrade version than Pixel 7. And also the build quality on 7A feels a lot more premium compared with pixel 7. Google Pixel 7a has a plastic back.

In terms of its performance, the Pixel 7 and 7a both have the rocking Google tensor G2. Google Tensor G2 is good chip for these phones and it works well for these two devices. It has plenty of power that can run casual games and has enough to edit photos and videos. The phone can run smoothly especially if you are playing games or editing photos or videos for hours.

Google Pixel 7A Review



The smartphone is overall good. You can go with Google Pixel 7A which is a premium mid-range. I think lots of people will get it and like it. Google is now trying this sort of newer thing where they are offering more things at once, more pixels for different prices. I think the 7a brings up with more premium software experience, probably the best cameras, and a lot of flagship features.

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